What do you eat?

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”  Adelle Davis

Inspired partly by GOOD’s 30-Day Go Vegetarian Challenge I wanted to share some of my experiences with being vegetarian for the past year and a half. I don’t want to go into the environmental, moral or health reasons why some people choose to stop eating meat or even my own personal beliefs on the issue.

Often times when people find out I don’t eat meat they ask “what do you eat” as if meat is the only choice for food. Over the past months I have learned how to cook more meals than I ever did when consuming meat. It’s amazing how many meals can still be made sans meat. Pizzas, pastas, grains, etc. Of course if you still want to eat meat there are many meat alternatives. It seems I have digressed from posting food ideas and spinned off into a horrible fiery tailspin of a rant about vegetarianism for that I am sorry.  I leave you now with GOOD’s conclusion post from their challenge. Leave your questions, comments below.

Unity Not Uniformity

I tend to try to stay away from writing about controversial topics on this blog.  I have, however, recently been thinking a lot about religion and society and wanted to share these thoughts with all of you.

Why is it we let religion separate us instead of bring us closer together?  I’ve spent some time reading various theological debates and I always end up thinking people tend to spend way too much time trying to prove they are “right.” I remember the first time I heard the phrase “can we just agree to disagree” I was probably in about 5th grade and unsure what the phrase meant at the time. Time went on which brings us to today where I am fully aware of what it means.

I’m not one to think that everyone always has to get along all the time. Sure, utopia would be nice but a reality? Hardly.  I do believe that as Christians, believers of Christ we are called to a higher standard. I am outraged by the lack of love and basic respect I see, hear, and receive first hand from Christians.  Even among my own friends and family. It saddens me to think how many denominations, sectors, and divisions the evangelical church has. Each impacting followers in its own views. Often pushing people further away from Christ instead of closer.

Think for a minute what could be accomplished if we can love unconditionally as Christ loves us. If we truly focused our energy on the common goals of Christ. Focusing on the unity of Christ and not the uniformity of religion.  (Granted, we would first have to agree on what these “common goals” are which is where this whole problem started.) I just would like to urge you next time you feel the need to be right or argue your religious views to take a step back and look at yourself. Think, “am I fighting for unity or uniformity?”

My God VS Your God

Ok ok, so maybe I’m a few years behind the time but on February 2nd 1996 the rock-star Bono gave the keynote at 54th National Prayer Breakfast. Bono spoke mostly about poverty and his involvement with the ONE Campaign. The keynote was also made into the book On the Move.

Religion is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. It is something that I feel gets in the way of relationships, of people, of life, and of love. Cute T-shirts and bumper stickers are created with phrases such as “It’s not about religion it’s about a relationship” or “love the sinner hate the sin” these are all good reminds but what do they mean and what must happen for us to obtain these things. It seems no matter who I talk to they tell me “I don’t judge” yet they do, we all do, it’s human nature to want to think of ourselves as being better or that being different is wrong.  Here is where the confusion comes in I’m told that being different isn’t wrong as long as that difference isn’t going against what the common belief on the matter is. Why is it so easy to judge others yet not look at ourselves or the relationships that we could be harming?

In his speech Bono said:

“…And while the law is what we say it is, God is not silent on the subject. That’s why I say there’s laws of the land and then there’s a higher standard … As the laws of man are written, that’s what they say. But God will not accept that. Mine won’t. I don’t — will yours?…This is a dangerous idea I’ve put on the table, here: my God versus your God, their God versus our God, versus no God. It’s very easy, in these times, to see religion as a force for division rather than unity…”

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this concept, my God versus your God. I think this is often something that is over looked. As Christians we all have a vision of what God is and my vision may, in fact it most likely is, different than yours. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist whichever “label” you choose or refuse we all have our views on life, love and why. I’m not a fan of the hippy crap but maybe it’s time to truly learn to coexist stop focusing on the petty differences and start seeing on each other as humans , exploring our differences, but remembering to keep love at the center.

NOTE: read, hear, watch the keynote at: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/bononationalprayerbreakfast.htm

Cynic Meets World

For many years I’ve always thought of myself as a true cynic. I’ve always been the first to believe that everyone is selfish looking out for themselves before others.  That we’re all in this for numero uno. Now once a cynic always a cynic, with that being said, I truly believe the world needs more selflessness if it’s expected to change for the better.

This is the part of this blog where I use an overused quote to prove my point:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

Change can start small, no need to start an organization or even join one (I mean you can if you want.)  Yet, what I’ll encourage you to do is start showing love to your friends, family members, and even complete strangers.   A friend of mine this week said “hug your haters” this modern version of “love your enemies” got me thinking that the world truly does need more love.


His platform was change and today that change came to America. Today was inauguration day so President Gorge W Bush stepped down and Barack Obama stepped in.  Do I think Obama is going to save the world overnight?  No, but I do think that he’ll do his best.  He’s a dreamer and I like that about him. His ideas, his policies and his persona.  I also think McCain would have done his best yet It was a simple matter of politics the lead me to vote for Obama therefore, I for one am looking forward to the next 4 (hopefully 8 ) years of American history.

Happy Obama Day!

Let It Snow

Today we got snow in Seattle. Coming from a town where ‘winter’ meant 3-4 months of solid snow it’s nice to have snow be a “treat”  that stays for a couple of days maybe a week and then is gone.  However, I think what I don’t like about snow in Seattle is how people react to it. “Oh my gosh, it’s snowing we can’t go anywhere or do anything.” Sure driving might be more difficult and the buses decide to run about two hours late but you can go places.  As for me I think I’ll head to the store and get myself some hot cocoa and sit back and enjoy the snow.

For those of you who didn’t get snow please continue to enjoy the snow on this site and think happy snowy thought.
If you hate snow then I’m truly sorry.

Possible snowman/woman and pictures to come…

Edit: 12/24 pictures!

War, Poverty, Hatred, Selfishness

Our world is filled with horrible, sad and unjust things, war in Iraq, war in Georgia, aids in Africa, poverty, nations hating one another, I could go on for hours maybe even days of all the horrid things people have to face on a daily basis. Yet with all this I still can’t help but look out for number one, little oh me. I am a firm believer that selfishness is the number one cause of apathy, discontentment, and depression among people today.

It’s this selfishness that keeps us longing for more. More of what, we don’t really care as long as it’s something that makes us happy either momentarily or for a longer period of time. It’s this same selfishness that keeps us from caring about world affairs and keeps us worried about our own lives “love affairs.” I’m part of the problem I confess, but the time has come to stop living in this state of “me” and start living in the stat of “us”, the people of the world.