All the world’s a stage.

Shakespeare had it right when he said ” All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players… ”  (Jaques, As You Like It Act 2, scene 7) We are all “characters” in this worlds play. The beauty of it is that we are the writers of our own parts. Each of us decides who we will be. Each with our own talents, whither that means screen, stage, or writing we all get to decide how much of us the world truly gets to know. Some of us have many different characters and get caught up in the drama of life. Others strive to be real as possible which comes with its own set of problems. Whatever your style is, don’t ever forget to be yourself.  Now sit back and enjoy the show.

Bring It On 2009

I thought I would just take a moment and wish everyone a happy new year. Sure, I’m five days late but hey that’s better than never right. We still have 360 days to enjoy 2009 it is my hope as I’m sure it’s yours to make 2009 better than 2008. Time just keeps on ticking.  My good friend and signer TJ Sherrill wrote a song titled “Wheel” in which a verse goes  “…whither I’m five years old or tomorrow I’ll be one hundred the ticking of the clock just don’t stop, it ticks to loud in my ears this ticking sound ticks away my years…” I’m often reminded of these words when I think of each new day and how fast time really does seem to “fly.”  Time is one of uncontrollable factors of our lives.

Well here’s the point where I would normally add a bunch of New Years Resolutions but I don’t think I will this year I think I’ll just make the resolution to make this year the best I possible can for myself and others and leave it at that.

Here’s to a great 2009! Bring it on!

It’s Over

Well it’s official the election is now over. I’m (mostly) happy with the results on a city, state, and national level. Prop 8 passed in California, making same-sex marriage illegal in the state. Prop 1000 passed here in Washington legalizing assisted suicide for terminally ill patients. Obama is now America’s first African American president. These among other changes across our nation and states are what make me love elections. I love being able to have a part in what goes on in America. Sure I don’t agree with everything that happens and I honestly hate the politics as much as the next guy and all that goes behind campaigns but I love the fact that little oh me gets the chance in being part of change. Well here’s to the next 2 years (until the next election at a least the next small one here in WA.)

and now a comic!


Well I know most of you will if i say something or not but really this is just my Internet Attempt to remind all of you to Vote! It’s really easy all you have to do is check boxes and your done!  For thouse of you who are like me and like pictures to convince you to vote check out I have compiled my top 5 pro voting posters below.

  1. (for those of you like me who are grammatically challenged)
  2. (just found this funny also a new spin on a classic concept)
  3. (the concept and color pallet make this one great)
  4. (great attention getter and simple)
  5. (matrix voting choice)

Anyway all that to say please join me tomorrow November 4th and vote!