In a World Of Somedays

Someday this
Someday that

Sometime this
Sometime that

What will ever get done?
If all we do is keep on putting things off

What will be come of this world?
If all we do is keep on procrastinating

What will be accomplished?
If all that happens is we say “I’ll do it later”

Why can’t we just suck it up and do stuff?
Then maybe we can change this world

Wake Up

This is a poem I wrote based off of a conversation I had with a friend about how sometimes our lives feel like a never ending dream and we reach for things that we will never be able to have. How we scream but it feels like nothing comes out or no one hears us. This is just a poem about life sometimes.

I can’t break free from this dream
I can see the end, it’s so close
I’m running, chasing, pursuing
I scream but nothing comes out, not even a shout
I need to wake up from this reality


The color of the sky reflects my state of mind
Gray and gloomy, if you only knew me

You say you see right through me
But there’s more than meets the eye

I’m really not a bad guy
It just takes time to view me


In my thoughts.

About my desires.

Striving for what I want.


In this world.

We all want to be heard,
But no one wants to listen.

We all want respect,
But don’t want to respect others.

We all want to be loved,
But don’t want to love.

Maybe I just need a hug or maybe I should give up and move to the Emo Farm

I am Human

I am human, I make mistakes.
I have regrets, I need forgiveness.

I am human, I am selfish.
I expect to much, get too little.

I am human, I doubt.
I am loved, yet I want more.

I am human.

NOTE: This poem is still in the works expect it to be edited at a later date.

Attempted Poetry

This poem doesn’t rhyme
This song is out of tune
And this book won’t ever be published

Sometimes it doesn’t need to rhyme to be said
Sometimes it doesn’t need to be on key to be heard
And sometimes it doesn’t need to be read to be true

Maybe it doesn’t need to rhyme
Maybe it doesn’t need to be in magnificent harmony
And maybe it doesn’t need to be punctuated perfectly

Say the words as they are meant to be spoken
Listen to the music as it is
And read the words as they are written

My poem will still be written
My song will still be sung
And my story will still be told