Things get better they say

I wait
Things don’t improve

Have patients
Change takes time I’m told

I wait
Change never comes

Hold on
It hasn’t been long enough they explain

I wait
Losing motivation

Not now
Just wait a little longer I’m informed

I wait
Giving up hope

You’re young
You have plenty of time they reply

I wait
Time becomes the enemy

Here’s to the New Year

Here we are about to start another year, another start, a new beginning
Here I am not feeling any different,  all the same
Here we are longing for change, striving to make a difference
Here I stand not knowing where to start, how to begin
Here we go,  let’s embark ,  start again
Here’s to new adventures, new journeys, new lessons
Here’s to the new year.

Stop. Go. Fast. Slow.

Everything is moving too fast
Everything needs to slow down

Make it stop
Bring an end

Everything is taking forever.
Everything needs to speed up

Make it go
Time to start

Doing everything and nothing
Going so fast and so slow

The one clock we can’t stop.

Go out and live it.

Authors Note: Work in progress, feedback requested

Dear Sarcasm

Dear Sarcasm
Are you a wall that needs to be put up
Or one that needs to be knocked down

Dear Sarcasm
Are you an acceptable form of humor
Or a laceration to ones heart

Dear Sarcasm
Should I combat your urges
Or let your desires be fulfilled

Dear Sarcasm
Do you have your spot in good taste
Or should you be abolished from this place

Note: this poem is a work in progress

Keeping Distance

I feel so distant from the truth
I feel so far away from reality
I feel so hated by the world, by Christians, by life
I feel so rejected by everything, everyone

God use me
God teach me
God love me
God care for me

From the Xanga Vault originally written February 2005:


Apologize, but why?
I’m not wrong for thinking

Having an opinion doesn’t make me wrong
Differences are what make us

Saying sorry doesn’t make the pain go away
The hurt still remains the same

If time truly heals all wounds or just causes us to forget
It still won’t stop

So respect me and I’ll respect you
But don’t expect an apology out of me

About the poem: This poem is written to show my view on what apology often are. It’s not to say that I’m always right or that my opinion is the only one. It’s more of a poem to make you think.