“Come on, be honest with yourself, at some point in our lives we all wanna be a superhero.” — Kick-Ass

These past few days I’ve been watching a lot of superhero movies. No, not the classic Batman, Spiderman, or Superman movies. No, the lesser known superhero movies, the ones about the little guy; I mean the tiny guy. The guy without a chance to be a successful superhero. I’ve been watching movies like Super, Kick-Ass, and Blankman. These movies all have the same premise, average people who decide to fight crime and enforce the law. The Crimson Bolt in Super said it this way, “You don’t butt in line! You don’t steal! You don’t molest little children! You don’t deal drugs! The rules haven’t changed!”

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for these underdogs I want good to win over evil, crime to stop, injustice to be destroyed. To be honest I think the world needs more superheroes. More people fighting for the good of all. Let me pause here to clarify; I’m not talking about people running around wearing mask and capes. You see, there are flaws with this type of superhero. They always tend to work alone or with the occasional side kick. They feel they are above the law or maybe it’s that they are the law. This list could go on but I’ll stop there.

I am talking about the everyday superheroes, the teachers, the policeman, the non-profit employees. The people who are willing to fight for what they believe in. The people who risk it all to protect, to educate, and help those in need.  In a world where everything is broken we need more individuals, more groups, more action, we need to stand up and fight. Think about what we can accomplish together.

Conan O’Brian and Earthquakes

NBC Photo: Timothy White

I wanted to take a moment and deviate from the normal format of this blog and talk about a few recent events. I’ll start by expressing my thoughts on Conan O’Brian’s resignation from the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show. I might be bias as Conan has always been my favorite late night talk show host, growing up I remember waiting for David Letterman to end over so I could switch over to NBC and watch Conan. For the record: I am not, never was, and never will be a Jay Leno fan.

It saddens me to watch Conan walk away as host, however, I’m very proud that he was able to take a stand for what he believed in and walk away with such thankfulness and pride for all he’s been given over the last 20 years. One thing that really inspired me was night after night, after the jokes about his future, late night, and us current events he would have a serious moment and say something along the lines of “Look what I do is silly, it’s Hollywood, I’m a talk show host,  there are real people dying in Haiti right now who need our help.”

The two organizations Mr. Brian announced on air were Ben Stiller’s and George Clooney’s (which is also supported by Tom Hanks and Robin Williams and I’m sure a slew of other stars.)  Sure you can argue that a lot of stars are doing what they can to help in this time of need for Haiti, which is true, yet to me it the way a man who just lost his job (sure there was a 40 million settlement in it for him and his staff) to still be supportive and care about people just spoke to me. His letter to the Press and Farewell speech both spoke to me in a way in which lends him my support for years to come. To put it in a way that you, the internet will understand: I’m on Team COCO.

© Matthew McDermott / Polaris / eyevine

I also wanted to personally urge you to do something to help out the people of Haiti. I have to admit that I’m often guilty of turning the TV off or avoiding the news for a few days waiting for the whole thing to “blow over” but with tens of thousands dead and missing. According to sources (( over 1.5 million are homeless.  Even if all you can do is give a few dollars every bit helps. You may also want to read the The DOs and DON’Ts of Disaster Donations. I  truly believe it is our duty as one of the richest nations to help out.

There are many organizations you can support here are just a few:

World Vision –

Red Cross (Text HAITI at 90999 to donate $10) –

Hope For Haiti Now –

Stiller Strong –

Clinton-Bush Haiti Relief Fund—

Supporting an organization you wish to share or have something to say? Leave it in the comments.

Go Meebo

For those of you who don’t know Meebo is a way to use popular chat protocols without needing to download a program. It’s surpurb web interface makes it easy to chat via the web.

Well recently, I was in need of some tech support. I contacted Meebo’s support representative expecting a possible solution withing days, maybe weeks. This wasn’t the case, within 20 min I had an answer to my problem.

Another great reason to use Meebo!


I had a unique experience last Sunday, I took an IQ test. It very well may have been one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done. It may be one of the worst feelings in the world to know that you don’t know (or can’t do) something.

So i don’t know how much Chris paid for his chocolates after sales tax, can’t define ominous in my own words, can’t name the seven continents and really suck at repeating numbers back in reverse. What does all this say about me? Well that I’m not getting into Yale, Harvard, or Princeton. Other than that, not a lot. I’ve always been by the philosophy do what you’re good at. Truth be told, I don’t have strengths in IQ test. Does this make me dumb, no. I have other strengths.

Why am i telling you this? I really don’t know. If I had to guess it would be because i find it interesting, it was much harder and i reacted much differently then I expected myself too. I’m actually relived that I don’t get the results.

Life in the movies

I recently bought an iPod, (making me the last person in the world to own one) and on my iPod I have music from various movie soundtracks. Movies like, the Matrix, Kill Bill, Lord of the Rings, and various other movies with kick butt soundtracks.

I thought I was the only person to live my life in the movies. I often enjoy playing the theme songs from such flicks and walking down the street dodging people who don’t even know they are being dodged. I like to think, “what if the man behind me is trying to get me” or watch out for the car on my left. You might just think I’m a schizophrenic. I ensure you I’m not. Maybe I just enjoy making life more interesting.Maybe i have an over active imagination.

If you are ever bored I encourage you to give this a try, you won’t regret it.

Here’s a comic for your inspiration: