Let It Snow

Today we got snow in Seattle. Coming from a town where ‘winter’ meant 3-4 months of solid snow it’s nice to have snow be a “treat”  that stays for a couple of days maybe a week and then is gone.  However, I think what I don’t like about snow in Seattle is how people react to it. “Oh my gosh, it’s snowing we can’t go anywhere or do anything.” Sure driving might be more difficult and the buses decide to run about two hours late but you can go places.  As for me I think I’ll head to the store and get myself some hot cocoa and sit back and enjoy the snow.

For those of you who didn’t get snow please continue to enjoy the snow on this site and think happy snowy thought.
If you hate snow then I’m truly sorry.

Possible snowman/woman and pictures to come…

Edit: 12/24 pictures!

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