If Jesus Had A Tattoo

I had an interesting conversation with a friend a couple of months back he made the comment to me that “Jesus had a tattoo.” Now, as someone coming from a fairly conservative religious background I’ve heard from birth that tattoos are evil and destroy your body. Therefore the thought of Jesus having one would be outrageous, right?

I now realize that tattoos are not “the mark of the beast” they are simply a form of art. We are all unique and we all choose to express it in different ways. As I thought of the idea of what if Jesus had a tattoo what would it be? Well blog community this is your chance to shine, take the poll today!

Also if you have any good ideas for polls let me know as I am launching the poll section of my website with this poll.

3 thoughts on “If Jesus Had A Tattoo

  1. Levi 19:28 tells us that we cannot have a tattoo. If we lived by these rules in this chaper of Leviticus then there is a lot we can’t do today.
    Rev 19:16 tells us that we will know Him, meaning Jesus by the mark on his thigh. If I remember correctly this mark is KING OF KINGS and only Jesus Christ is King of Kings and a mark would be a tattoo, what kind of other mark would it be.


  2. jesus’s tatoo was on his left thigh and religious scolars believe the Mark’s were done while he was in temple (remember jesus was jewish ) during this time period the art of tatooing with ink was usually done by the egyptian upper classes or by the various gaulish peoples therefore it can be surmised that jesus’s 72 hebrew character mark which was the name of god was done by scarification not by tatooing as there was probobly no ink available (btw i’m catholic so I was told the same thing in reference to leviticus but the second most done religious tat I see is the sacred heart which is a catholic group )


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