A good idea, gone wrong

Ever have what you think is a great idea that just doesn’t turn out the way you planed it? That very thing was my Tuesday night. Let me give you a bit of a back-story; at work my boss has been telling me for quite some time that I needed a hair cut. Let me pause here a moment to say that I’m the kinda of person who doesn’t believe in spending a lot of money on clothes, haircuts, and other things that “make you look attractive.” Needless to say I didn’t really a) think I needed a hair cut and b) didn’t really want to pay for one. So at about 10:30 on that idol Tuesday I asked my brother if he had ever cut hair. He looked at me and said “I’m willing to give it a try if you are.”

This lead to the top 5 things I never want to hear the person cutting my hair say:

5. Well the barber does it a whole lot more.
4. Oh, that’s how I should have done it from the beginning.
3. How did I mess that up?
2. We can always shave it.
1. We are now trying from good, to sorta ok.

and now for your viewing enjoyment….


7 thoughts on “A good idea, gone wrong

  1. who is that person? i don’t even know you anymore. please don’t come beat me up, scary man. the facial expression does not soften your features at all either. did you just sign up for the marines? or are you just now escaping from prison, you psycho convict! ok, seriously- if you smiled it would probably help. ;o) how did your boss take it?


  2. Probably the most fantastic part of my night. My first thought was "wait, is this the same brother that I know of?"What possessed you to let your brother near your hair????


  3. you know, it's quite a bit less stressful to find a beauty college nearby and pay $5 for a haircut that leaves some hair on your head…. 🙂


  4. Seriously, I laughed out loud at your comments on the “hair cut.” I could just hear the verbal exchange as you wrote it. Hair cut looks, “well ok.”


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