I’m Going to Change the World

explodingdog on The Daily Dot
explodingdog on The Daily Dot

As some of you may know I recently graduated with my second Associates degree. While I may not be a truly qualified to ride a dinosaur (sorry to burst anyone’s bubble) I have decided that I am going to change the world.

I haven’t worked out all the details yet but I do know that I am committed to at least in some small way changing the world. I know that if I set out with this goal in mind great things can happen.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not so naïve to think that it’s going to be easy or so egotistical that I think I can do it alone. This is why I’m asking you, yes you, to join me.  We likely all have a different idea about what a changed world looks like. I think that is great, it means we can all focus on a small part, work together and create waves.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s change the world. Together.

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Thanks To You, Teachers

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day. Therefore, I wanted to take a moment and thank all the teachers I’ve had throughout the years. You’ve all made an impact in my life in one way or another. I would like to especially thank some of you individually for making

Mrs. Fransen and Mrs. Flenner (Pre-K and Kindergarten):  Thanks for teaching me that it’s okay to be curious and allowing me to explore the world

Mr. Whalen (2nd grade):For giving me my first lesson in consumer awareness. Your drawing of cow in a blender as the definition of hot-dog is not something I will forget…EVER.

Mrs. Morehouse née Cramer (6th grade):  For making good on your promise all those years ago and sending me that letter I wrote myself 10 years later. I may have been wrong about the flying cars and computers running the world but I did get some things right.

Mr. Lauri (7th/8th grade, Typing/Visual Basic): I might have failed your programming class but the passion and kindness you showed me helped encourage my love of technology.  Not to mention, learning to type is a skill I use daily.

Mrs. Domela (10th-12th grade Yearbook/Independent Journalism): Along with helping inspire my love of good design you showed me that it’s okay to be broken (even as adults), to do what you’re passionate about, and to follow my dreams.

Miss Davis (9th grade English/12th grade TA) Treating me like an adult and with respect. Also thanks for letting me (as a senior) give a speech to your class of 10th graders to complete my CIM. It may not mean much to the rest of the world but it meant something to me, knowing I was in the top 10% of my class.

Mrs. Crumrine (10th grade Biology) and Mrs. Meritt (9th grade Chemistry): Thank you for making science fun.

In college there have been too many of you to name. I’ve had some really great teachers (and some not so great ones). Yet, it’s been great learning from you. A quick shout out to Brooke Zimmers, Rachel David, Sigrid Cannon and Bruce Amstutz thanks for your guidance along the way.

Again, thank you to ALL my teachers, the faculty, staff and everyone who has influenced my learning.

Owning It, How To Solve Problems

This post outlines one process for problem solving. This is a process I find helps me solve problems and has lead to success in my life. It may work for you, it may not. I should also point out that this post was unwittingly co-authored by my brother.

Own Your Shit

Okay so you made a mistake. That’s alright, we all make mistakes, but what sets apart the successful people are the ones who admit mistakes. Most of us don’t like the ego blow of saying we were wrong but doing so makes a big difference in the long run. It’s hard, it sucks, get over it.

Figure It Out

Now that you’re admitted the mistake this is the point where you figure it out. This may come in many forms: saying you’re sorry to a loved one, having an unpleasant conversation with a boss, various monetary cost, or just taking steps to solve the problem yourself. The idea here is that you find a way to solve the problem.

Ask for Help

Stuck along the way? It’s okay to ask others for help. For the most part people want to see you succeed. And if not, well ask someone else until you find someone who does. Even if you don’t listen to their advice often times listening to it can help you come up with a better solution.

One caveat though is asking others for help solving your problems and asking them to solve them are two different things. Most people are more responsive and willing to help when you can show them that you’ve thought it through.

Learn From It

Congratulations, you’ve just solved a problem! Now it’s time to learn from it and move on. Dwelling on your problems doesn’t tend to do any good. Yet, neither does making the same mistake twice.

In conclusion, life is complicated we all screw up and while I have to admit that I’m a hypocrite and sometimes fail to solve problems it may be helpful to have someone else ideas on how they go about solving problems.

Valentine’s Day, The Thanksgiving of Love

Valentine’s Day seems to be one of those holidays that brings out an array of emotions in people.

For some it brings back painful memories of lost loves, loneliness, sadness and longing to be loved. For others it brings the joy of a new relationship, the happiness years of commitment bring, or even just perspective that there is power in being single and independent. Lastly, it could bring no emotion at all, shrugging off the holiday altogether as just another day, or perhaps celebrate the day the state of Oregon was admitted into the Union.

I don’t know your thoughts on Valentine’s Day but for me it’s a day to be thankful. I’m thankful for all the people who love me (I’m not just talking about the romantic type of love either) and grateful that I get to love them in return. It’s easy to get caught up in the commercialism of the holiday but I say let’s take back Valentine’s Day. Let’s make it a day where everyone is shown they are loved, that they matter. Who’s with me?


In light of my recent twenty-fifth birthday I wanted to start a tradition of writing a birthday post much like Ma.tt has been doing for the past few years.  This year was a big year for me, a lot happened, some good, some bad but I feel in the end I’m a better person for it. For example: I left my job of over four and a half years, went back to school, started a new job, made new friends, and lost a few friends.

Though it all I learned that there is more to life than money if it means working at a job you hate. That sometimes you have to take a step even if you don’t know the outcome just to do something.  I learned nobody rocks like the girls I’m rolling with. When you think you know it all there is always something to learn. I think most importantly I learned a lot about myself and never giving up. I can’t wait to see what this year brings, this new beginning, this fresh start.